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LiveSchool alternative - RedCritter for schools and districts

Looking for a more flexible school-wide rewards solution? RedCritter Teacher offers classroom and school-wide reward stores along with badging, skill-tracking and more.

RedCritter offers classroom and school-wide rewards along with badge issuing, skill tracking, parent engagement tools and more.

School-wide rewards and more

Manage a school rewards program, issue badges, track student skills and engage parents.

  • Student profiles

    Every student has a beautiful profile where all their reward points, action points, badges and skills are collected.

  • Easy reward fulfillment

    Student's can purchase rewards in our mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, or the web.

  • Advanced tools to maximize student and parent engagement

    Issue digital achievements to encourage student effort and success. RedCritter includes a variety of automatic messaging tool to keep parent fully engaged.

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Educators can try RedCritter Teacher free for 30 days. If you're a principal or superintendent, please contact us to get a personalized demo and discuss volume licensing.

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